About Us

Jaz Cornish (BA, Grad Dip Applied Psychology, Juris Doctor)

Jaz Cornish is the Principal of Cornish Lawyers Pty Ltd. Jaz completed her Law degree at the University of Melbourne  and practices almost exclusively in the area of Family Law.

Jaz  commenced her legal career at the Barwon Community Legal Service;  and later at Cahill & Rowe Family Law in Geelong where she remained for several years. Jaz established Cornish Lawyers Pty Ltd in 2011.

Jaz’s background is in child  psychology.  Jaz’s knowledge about  the behaviour and developmental stages of children and adolescents is of invaluable assistance in parenting matters.  Mothers, fathers, grandparents  and family law colleagues value Jaz’s insightful observations.

Jaz is able to assist clients in all aspects of family law including complex financial arrangements such as businesses,  companies and trusts.

Jaz has a strong sense of social justice.  She regularly volunteers at the Barwon Community Legal Service in Geelong West where she provides free legal advice.  Jaz also assists eligible clients apply for  grants of legal assistance from Victoria Legal Aid

Jaz is a member of the Law Institute of Victoria and of the Family Law Section of the Law Council of Australia.

Jaz has a reputation for excellence and honesty in all aspects of family law.  She is an experienced and highly regarded family law practitioner.   She is sensitive to her clients’ needs and seeks to ensure the very best outcome for each and every one.

Jaz is both compassionate and empathic.  She is also sensible and realistic.   At your first appointment Jaz will provide you with  accurate  impartial legal advice following her skilled assessment of your individual matter.

Jaz ensures that clients understand their rights and entitlements.  She has the rare ability of being able to explain complex legal concepts using normal everyday  language.  Significantly, Jaz also ensures that clients understand their legal obligations in family law matters especially with respect to parenting disputes and financial settlements.